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Million Man is in Your Head

Do you know how much 1 million is? 1 million of what, you ask? 1 million of, cars, name it. Sure, you know what the number stands for. You know that a million dollars, yen, rubles or whatever is a lot. But do you really know how big 1 million is?

Keep reading and you will know exactly how big 1 million is. And once you do your mind will be subtly changed forever. Don't expect a lightning bolt to come crashing down and reveal all the truths of the ages to you instantaneously. But do expect a path to open to new alternatives of thought and perspective.

Here's all you have to do. Picture a box in your mind. It can be any box you like, however you perceive a box. Maybe it's one of those square worlds up there at the top of this page. Make it about the size of a chair.

Now picture 10 of those boxes lined up in a row in front of you. Next picture 10 rows of those boxes layed out in front of you, side by side and forming a square. You're up to 100 now. Pretty easy so far.

Now build up 10 of those planes of boxes on top of each other to form a cube 10 across, 10 deep and 10 high. You've reached 1,000 and it's getting big, but there's a long way to go yet.

Line up 10 of those cubes of 1,000 in a row in front of you. That's 10,000. Line up 10 of them side by side in a square like you did before with the single boxes. You're at 100,000 and it's getting mind-boggling. You're almost there now.

Pile 10 of those mind-bogglers on top of each other into another cube and you've made it to 1,000,000. Feeling small yet? So 1 million is really big, isn't it? But it's also clear that it's well within the realm of human comprehension. So what does that tell you about the untapped potential of the human mind?

This method seems to work quite well with just about everyone. If you really feel adventurous, try your luck with 1 billion by repeating the three cube building steps using the 1 million cube as a starting point. Then consider that there are more than 7 times that many humans swarming on the surface of this planet right now, and tell me if you fully understand what overpopulation means.

See you in the mental correction facility...
©2014 B.C - 2014 A.D. Pecuyne